Whitehorn Corp.


Whitehorn Corp. is a group in which I am the dungeonmaster.  My players are employees of the Whitehorn Corperation, a Mercenary Band operating in the continent of Hurumar, former seat of a sprawling human empire that has fallen into decline. As the crown loses influence, different non-human races scramble for power in the west as the wilderness enroaches on the civilized world in the east. In this chaotic world rife with opportunity it is up to our players to make their own goals as I merely set the paramaters of the possible.

Player Characters

Benjamin Dawnsurge – A boisterous aasimar paladin.
Played by: Tom

Eldon Thorngage – A wily halfling rogue.
Played by: Sjoerd

Seamus macArdan – A sagely human druid.
Played by: Aleksej

Little Ice – A snow tabaxi warlock who believes he is saving the world.
Played by: Paul

Ingvar Sunbrooke – A human cleric of Lathander, and Little Ice’s best friend.
Played by: Jef

Session Summaries (Discontinued)

Session 1: The Maiden’s Virtue.
Session 2: Kragsport, Part I.
Session 3: Kragsport, Part II.

Supplementary Materials

Little Ice’s Nightmares 1-3

Little Ice’s Nightmares: Darkness

Little Ice’s Nightmares: Mirror Image