Session 3: Kragsport, Part II

Previous session our aspirant-mercenaries freed Eldon Thorngage, a prisoner of the mad captain Babbin. First there was a scuffle to get a copy of mermaid Meredith’s magical song, which Eldon ultimately won, procuring the original draft and a copy for himself. Shortly after our heroes saved the restaurateur Lily Petaltoes and her family from a petrifying fate, slaying a rogue cockatrice.

After this eventful journey our aspirant-mercenaries arrived at Kragsport, where they were hired as a five-man team and quickly took their first job: Investigating the disappearance from ships out of harbor. It turned out Merfolk were hauling rare boats off into the ocean using a giant killer whale. Our heroes thwarted a theft, deftly completing their first mission.

They decided to sell the orka meat to the Lily, who was due to open up a restaurant in Kragsport soon. Lily had run into some trouble, however, as the construction was being delayed by a half-elf who had chained herself to a tree schedules for demolishing. When the lumberjack raised his axe to chop it down, he was smacked aside by the tree itself.

Meanwhile, due to a little growth-ray accident on the beach, a bunch of sandcastles got giantified. It wasn’t only sand that had gotten enlarged, though…

Once Seamus learned about a tree ostensibly hitting people, he insisted on seeing it for himself. Our mercenaries took the scenic route, which took them straight through the park. They noticed that the park had been growing out of its bounds; lumberjacks were constantly busy cutting new trees down.

Inside the thick thicket the sounds of the city became muffled. It was almost as if they were traversing a lush jungle, rather than a city park. At the edge they found the Half-elf, who had resumed her vigil with double the determination. That determination was no match for eldritch magic, however, as Little Ice’s suggestion had her running off into the park, where she vanished.

Seamus hardly noticed. Laying his hand on the bark, he opened his heart to the voice of the land, and the land answered. The ancient arbor told Seamus that the trees were done being cut down to make way for the ever-expanding avarice of the little races. Enough was enough; they would take back what was theirs. Seamus negotiated a truce; he promised that he would allow the trees sanctuary, if they would only stop their encroaching for a single moon. The tired tree agreed to reign in the young saplings for one month, at least. Seamus asked Lily if he could buy the land that these trees wanted, but she informed him that she didn’t own it; her proprietor, one Andreas Potbelly had purchased it. Seamus determined to seek out this Potbelly to see if he could somehow lay claim to this land, so that nature may once again flourish in harmony with the city.

Our mercenaries moved on to the beach, where the sandcastle lay looming. They discovered that the whole beach had been quarantined by a large pink force-cube, cast by the wizards of Moyōwamoto Universy – MWU for short. Apparently some evil force had taken hold of the castle, commanding an army of ants to attack anyone who came close. Our heroes agreed to go inside and neutralize with the immediate danger.

The battle was hard-fought. As soon as they came in sight of the castle tower’s starfish sentry, they were bombarded by lasers. When they finally penetrated the plastic shovel-gates, an army of giant ants barreled down on them. When the ants fell, some force from on top of the central tower started bombarding them with animated jelly which melted Ingvar and Benjamin’s armor and weapons.

It soon became apparent what that force was. The evil force that had taken the castle was in fact a jellyfish that had been enlarged by the gnome’s rays and had developed sudden intelligence and psychic powers. The jellyfish had commanded the ants to carry him to the tower, where they filled a treasure chest with a constant stream of salt water. The jellyfish tried invading our heroes’ minds and sending even more ants at them, but to no avail. At his wit’s end, he begged to be let free; all he wanted was to be released into the ocean and live like a normal jellyfish. Benjamin and Little Ice seemed hesitant, but Seamus was adamant that such an unnatural creature must not be allowed to re-enter the eco-system, and Eldon agreed. Ultimately our heroes decided to slay the beast. The remaining giant ants, freed from their master’s control, scattered. Seamus wanted to stop them, but he was alone in this, and some ants got away.

For the troubles the group was rewarded with a giant treasure chest, full of giant coins, a giant shield and a giant dagger. How will they carry the enormous loot home? And what will they do with it?