Wolfsburg Brigade


The Wolfsburg Brigade is a group I run from my kitchen. The players are all old college friends, and we play in Dutch. The group has known multiple DM’s throughout the years, but currently I am in control for the foreseeable future.

Player Characters

Sorren – An tiefling war veteran who awakens to fel powers.
Played by: Wijcher

Fen’del O’toole – A young half-elf fighter struggling to find his place in the world.
Played by: Jonathan

Shira – A no-nonsense, pragmatic dragonborn paladin.
Played by: Giordano

Simeon de Geweldige (The Amazing) – An eccentric wizard performer.
Played by: Bas

[Orc] – A half-orc monk of tranquility who found inner peace.
Played by: Albertjan