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My name is Maarten Jansen – also known as the Scribe Quest (@Questscribe on Twitter) – and I run (and play in) several campaigns of Dungeons & Dragons. I currently DM three campaigns and play in two. I use this website to share my experiences.

Every month I post a list of RP Hooks I shared on Twitter. On this website these hooks will be color-coded for the group they were featured in or are planned for. Here’s a comprehensive list of the campaigns featured on this site:

Groups I play in

Special Spirit Squad
The Special Spirit Squad is a campaign lead by DM Sam Verbeek. I play the character of Glurf the Toad Cleric. I have begun to turn this campaign into prose, but writing is currently on hold.
Read more about the Special Spirit Squad here.

Dryfoot Hill
This campaign is lead by DM Niels Jansen, also known as RPGtoons on Twitter. I play Jangles the Clown, who keeps a journal you can check out here. The journal is currently on hold, but the group still plays every week.
Read more about Jangles & friends here.

Groups I DM


My currently longest-running and most convoluted campaign, the Whitehorn Corp. tries to meet at least every month.
Read more about the Whitehorn Corp. here.

Wolfsburg Brigade

This is the only campaign I run in Dutch; we play in my tiny kitchen. I don’t tend to publish anything about this campaign, since it’s in a foreign language.
Read more about the Wolfsburg Brigade here.


My newest group with lots of newbie players.
Read more about the Trailblazers here.

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