Special Spirit Squad

Something strange is happening in the land of Driszaw, and it is up to the Special Spirit Squad to investigate.

The SSS’s group is lead by Dungeonmaster Sam Verbeek, our resident mastermind, who is fond of doing silly voices and weaving cheesy pop culture references into his worldbuilding. We meet at monthly intervals – more often if our schedules allow it – at our hosts’ Casa Nganga.


Chapter 0: Prologue
Chapter 1: The Special Spirit Squad
Chapter 2: Boltergheist
Chapter 3: Obligatory Reference
Chapter 4: Zooillogical
Chapter 5: Gallagher Burke, Freelance Ghost Hunter


How playing a cleric means playing their deity
Glurf’s Gender
Monty Python and the limits of silliness


A Simple Prayer 

Player Characters

Glurf – A simple-minded, yet strong-willed cleric of Heqet, the frog goddess of life and water. The squad’s exorcist.
Played by: Me.
Introduced in: Chapter 0

Nathaniel Sharp – An aasimar inquisitor in service of Sarenrae. The Squad’s detective.
Played by: Tom Verschooten.
Introduced in: Chapter 1

Koumi Ko  –  A misogynist samurai with a sweet tooth. Nathanial’s inseparable companion.
Played by: Paul Nganga.
Introduced in: Chapter 1

Maurice – A socially awkward hunter. The Squad’s tracker. Doesn’t believe in ghosts.
Played by: Gaby de Jong.
Introduced in: Chapter 1

Haviér Estaban Gonzales – Ko’s majestic steed.
Played by: Paul Nganga.
Introduced in: Chapter 1

Miscellaneous Content

Homebrewed Toad race for 5e