Jangles is a free-spirited jester who travels the world in search of heroes whose stories he can tell, who inadvertently ends up experiencing plenty of antics worthy of song himself. Luckily for us, he decided to keep a journal to record these misadventures.

We join our jokester on the way to the Silver Spires, a rich trading-port where he hopes to encounter plenty of colorful characters. His journey takes him straight through the Soddenweald, a steamy marshland rife with mosquitoes, crocs and much, much worse.

The Jovial Journal of Jangles the Jester is based on a campaign lead by Niels Jansen of RPGtoons. We (aim to) meet at weekly intervals and play using Discord’s voice-service.

The dates in parentheses refer to the session in which the events of the journal entry take place. Usually, one chapter will chronicle one session.


Chapter 1
Chapter 2
Chapter 3
Chapter 4
Chapter 5
Chapter 6
Chapter 7

Players Characters

Jangles – A tall, slender clown clad in a jester’s uniform.
Introduced in: Jangles 1.
Played by: Me.

Lynea – A mysterious human scholar fond of books.
Introduced in: Jangles 1.
Played by: Luxatile.

Babbin – A busty half-orc pirate.
Introduced in: Jangles 1.
Played by: Dieselbrain

Deesan – An impish tiefling bard who plays the flute.
Introduced in: Jangles 1.
Played by: Dsan.

Arnold Arboretum – A gnomish druid obsessed with plants.
Introduced in: Jangles 5
Played by: Rose.

B’kay – A haughty princess from a tribe of elvish barbarians.
Introduced in: N/A
Played by: Kate.

Fang – A pudgy elvish hunter fond of books and good food.
Introduced in: N/A
Played by: Wijcher.