RPG Hooks

I have decided to amass all of my RPG Hooks into one big, dumb page for your browsing convenience. I will update this page regularily to add new ones. There might be some redundant hooks with recurring themes; please consider these refinements of the same idea.

  1. The horse that came with the carriage turns out to be a unicorn whose horn was sawed off by poachers.
  2. A mysterious floating city appears overnight. Farmers complain that it is blocking their sunlight.
  3. A band of pirates has been terrorizing the trade routes. Its leader is a merwoman who rides the ship as its literal figurehead.
  4. The band split up, after which all but the lead singer vanished. He performs with a new, much more obedient band now.
  5. A half-elf has chained herself to a tree scheduled to be cut down. When the lumberjacks show, the tree defends its protector.
  6. A sect of bard-monks believes this world to be naught but the dream of a sleeping god; they play their lullabies to keep Him asleep.
  7. A blacksmith’s tools sometimes vanish for days, yet always seem to come back; the smith suspects it might be a poltergeist.
  8. Flamel Alchemy holds monopoly over potions. Nobody knows what’s in them; only that they’re impossibly cheap and very addictive.
  9. A halfling cook last seen looking for rare mushrooms in the forest has gone missing. Turns out myconids don’t like being picked
  10. An old hag sells potent potions and magical items, but only to those who know how to haggle in rhyme.
  11. The village of Calamity Vale is luring in adventurers with fake quests to con them out of their gold with outrageous deals.
  12. You must deliver a mysterious package to a minotaur, who waits in the middle of their deadly maze.
  13. The Circle of Reclamation are druids dedicated to wiping out civilization, which they see as a blight upon the natural order.
  14. The warlock’s pact is subcontracted to a different patron for a special mission.
  15. An alchemist’s waste is spilling into the soil, causing the local crops to develop a taste for flesh.
  16. A party of disgruntled senior adventurers seizes control of their retirement home, taking the staff hostage.
  17. A bard has unwittingly composed a song so compelling it reduces the listener to a state of catatonic bliss.
  18. An ancient and powerful Ent has become morose, causing the forest to be in a perpetual state of fall.
  19. Zoo break! A menagerie of mystical and magical beasts is running amok in the city and need to be put back in their cages.
  20. A community of happy, peaceful zombies is threatened by a necromancer who seeks to enslave them to his nefarious will.
  21. The spirit of a writer unable to finish his final work haunts the opera house and will not rest until his Magnum Opus is performed.
  22. A big lake that was created by an Archmage’s meteor spell still crackles with arcane energy, causing magic to act erratic around it.
  23. There is a desert that runs through a humongous hourglass where time is said to flow at a different pace.
  24. Infestation preventing miners from working turns out to be a new intelligent species of mole-people which has druids very interested.
  25. The Arcane Academy is having some problems with waste removal, the issue being that the waste does not wish to be removed.
  26. A knight and wizard couple have opened a shop – one procures magic items, the other identifies and sells them.
  27. The sandcastles that mysteriously appeared overnight are hungry mimics, luring in unsuspecting beach-goers with their artistry.
  28. A Cloud Giant is looking for tiny exterminators to help clear his vermin infestation.
  29. A popular children’s card game turns out to be based on tomes of forbidden magic; kids are summoning real demons to do battle.
  30. Once every year, strangers from beyond visit a small fishing village, trading their advanced technology for local junk.
  31. Bored of hoarding gold, the dragon is collecting talent instead; famous artists are disappearing, getting forced into patronage
  32. The sanatorium petrifies patients with an incurable affliction. What happens when all the charm suddenly wear off?
  33. Taking pity on world’s worst fortune teller, a genie is using their magic to make all of her outrageous predictions come true.
  34. The strange eggs the chef has in store hatch; the chick’s cries call forth their terrifying mother from across dimensions.
  35. The prissy hound has a peerless nose for treasure, but will only work for the rarest of treats.
  36. An item shop is leasing powerful equipment to adventurers willing to explore dungeons in search of treasure to sell.
  37. The elderly minotaur honestly isn’t trying to kill the delivery boys; she just doesn’t remember where she put the traps.
  38. Being unable to build a decent ship in a bottle, the clumsy giant steals one intead, not minding the sailors still on board.
  39. An arctic city heated by a system of pipes that circulate the blood of a magma elemental has been getting hotter.
  40. The statue of a weeping babe that ordains the village fountain turns out te be a crying baby rock giant, and mommy is coming.
  41. The dragonborn leader of a mercenary company has hoarded so much gold that people are saying that he might be an actual dragon.
  42. Earth elementals were sleeping in the golem factory’s clay; awakened, they trash about, wild, misshapen, half-baked & confused.
  43. A warlock coven is rebranding as a night club, enticing young wizards with drugs, music and demonic rituals in the basement.
  44. A historic people honored their finest warriors by encasing their skeletons in gold. Could these remains be raised to serve?
  45. The empire is in decline, and a certain cult thinks that the only one that can save it is its long-dead founder…
  46. A fat bridge troll is collecting toll; not coin but juicy gossip she seeks; only those who satisfy her curiosity get to cross.
  47. A wizard turns his enemies into animals and donates them to the zoo. Visitors marvel at their almost human-like behavior.
  48. Scavengers loot wayside monuments, pawning their heritage for quick coin. Historians and holy-men alike would see this stop.
  49. Recycling mummy wrappings to rebind old tomes turns out to be a horrible idea as history comes to live, terrorizing the museum.
  50. The prince’s temper directly affects the weather; this summer his mood has been particularly sunny; the fields lay barren.
  51. The shaman’s rain dance worked a little too well – It’s been raining for weeks! Sadly, he does not know any sunshine boogies…??
  52. Smoke signals are rising from long-abandoned nomads’ tents. Three puffs – a distress signal, repeating over and over again.
  53. The dwarves dug too deep. They were expecting monsters, but what they saw was worse: Themselves, staring back through the hole.
  54. A beauty salon for giants is looking for a new pedicurist; alchemists pay hefty sums for such toenail clippings…
  55. A nobleman is refusing to pay taxes, so the crown is recruiting burglars to “liberate” the owed sum from the estate’s coffers.
  56. A giant ent is suffering from dandruff, showering the valley below with an unseasonal blanket of pollen. Achoo!
  57. Carrier pigeons have been arriving at their destinations without their cargo. The birds appear just fine; what’s going on?
  58. A giant jellyfish has washed up on the beach. It screams for help psionically, silently calling to all who can hear her.
  59. Every other weekend hooded teenagers sneak into the park to howl at the moon, pretending to be werewolves, spooking the locals.
  60. A genie had promised to grant one random wish made upon the well; when it was full of coin, the gold and the genie disappeared.
  61. An archaeologist needs help excavating a ship. Nothing dangerous – whatever sank it can’t possibly still be down there…right?
  62. A uniquely intelligent goblin seeks to unite his kind in a single tribe, seeking peaceful co-existence with the other races.
  63. A rich nobleman hires you to design a mock dungeon to dissuade his heir from pursuing his dream of becoming an adventurer.
  64. Your loyal barkeep has been replaced with someone who looks completely different, yet no one besides you seems to have noticed!
  65. Cats have been seen swimming on the ground. Mischievous earth spirits? Skulking displacer beasts? Too much drugs?
  66. A blind seer with hollow eye sockets charges you with recovering a pair of sapphires from a tomb. His eyes, he says…
  67. The fire elementals heating forges are on strike! Smiths would gladly meet their demands, if they could only understand them.
  68. A catchy tune is sweeping the city; all sorts of folk are seen humming it, days before they disappear…
  69. The mayor of Wolfsburg has long been suspected of being a werewolf. Envious of this “blessing,” the Cult of Sêlune have kidnapped the mayor’s daughter and plan on having her bite them under the full moon, therewith receiving their goddess’ favor: lycanthropy.
  70. Your rowdy post-adventure celebrations are interrupted by a sect of silent warrior-monks, dedicated to keeping the world quiet. They’re here to shut you up – with their fists!
  71. The mines are overrun with an hitherto unknown species of mole-people. The military want to storm in, but the druids are protesting, blocking the entrance and saying that this new lifeform must be protected. The foreman, meanwhile, just wants to resume work.
  72. Young Grippli of royal descent are known to secrete a powerful toxin when in love. As it so happens, the current crown prince is just the right age. Any alchemist would pay a handsome price for his toxins…There’s only one problem – the boy is incredibly shy!
  73. Mischievous sky spirits snatched a star from the heavens and cast it down into a volcano, forging a sword without peer. The blade now glitters atop the mountain’s peak, akin a lighthouse, luring adventurers like ships to port.
  74. A realtor is looking for seasoned adventurers to certify a certrain mansion ghost-free; the locals insist it’s haunted, but what do backwater bumpkins know about spirits? Just because someone was violently murdered in a house doesn’t immediately make it haunted…
  75. Modern warlocks don’t gather in covens; they meet in great raves, where thumping music, mind-enhancing substances and occult rituals blend seamlessly into a dark dance with the devil.
  76. A renowned wizard is looking for seasoned adventurers to help him move into his new tower. Why adventurers instead of regular movers? Well, some of the wizard’s belongings don’t agree with the move and will need some convincing.
  77. Clever sea serpents use their luminous eyes to cast beams in misty weather, imitating the beacon of a lighthouse to lure weary sailors into their maws.
  78. Sky-bandits are terrorizing local merchants, pillaging marketplaces and retreating back to their hidden lair in the skies. Trade has retreated undergrounds, but the guilds yearn to return to the surface, and will reward whoever takes care of the bandits handsomely.
  79. A mechanical Lich ravages the country with a clockwork army, harvesting countless souls to power his machines. He assures the people that none of this will have mattered when he achieves his goal, which is to turn back time to erase his own evil from history.
  80. For generations the mayors of a certain seaside city have been using the same giant crab claw to cut ribbons, but recently the ancient scissors finally broke. Ribbons now linger uncut, monuments ununveiled. Someone needs to get the mayor a new claw!
  81. A rich merchant who recently bought a mansion is worried about the gargoyles. You see, there weren’t any when he moved in, and now there’s a new one every night. They’re not doing anything, but the merchant wants them removed anyhow, by adventurers, just to be safe.
  82. Every night the Man-faced Mountain howls in pain, keeping the whole valley awake. Everybody knows what’s wrong with it: One of its teeth is rotten, but there is not a dentist in the land mighty enough to cleanse the wicked infection, let alone pull the tooth.
  83. For generations Fairspring Spa’s miraculous water were known to cure all diseases, until one day it couldn’t take anymore. The once pristine fountains now spew snot; rampaging phlegm monsters roam the streets while whooping cough-elementals terrorize the skies.
  84. The ‘Quip & Banter’ is looking for extra security for the annual College of Valor Congress. Last year the live-enactment of the Hundred Battles of Ulfric the Marrowdrinker got a little too realistic, and the disputes about the details a little too bloody.
  85. Devil monkeys are pick-pocketing tourists, pilfering their shinies and tossing them on a great pile. They make their base in a skull cave, where they dance to the four drums of the girallon.
  86. They say that for every snow sprite slain, winter will end a whole day sooner; the summer-loving king believes it, and pays handsomely for their souls. Adventurers should beware, however, as these shy spirits are protected by their much meaner siblings…
  87. The greatest dwarven kings are buried with an army of stone, so that they may continue their conquest in the next world. When such an army is uncovered by human archeologists, it rises to defend its monarch, marching forth from their tomb to wage war on the living.
  88. They say silk spun by dreamworms of the feywild can be woven into a fabric uniquely conductive of arcane energies, making it ideally suited for magical items. Sadly, the caterpillars can’t be bred in captivity, and the grown moths are known to be extremely dangerous.
  89. Heliophants, an imposing, yet pious elephantine people, journey to their ancestral burial ground when they sense death approaching. These graveyards are well-hidden, but an old cleric has learned that a nefarious necromancer has found one, hoping to raise an army…
  90. Some romantics believe a paper lantern filled with rose petals will lead you to your one true love when let up during the Wind God’s festival; his daughters will supposedly blow it there themselves. One wonders: Where will a lantern filled with coin take you?
  91. A baby baku has accidentally wandered into an insane asylum and has snacked on the inmates’ disturbing dreams, giving him a mean belly-ache…and causing the mad visions of the violently insane to spring to life.
  92. Earth dragons tunnel through the earth like their avian cousins soar through the sky, leaving trails of tunnels that linger for centuries. Bandits use them as secret smuggling routes and hide-outs. Perfectly safe; earthwyrms never take the same route twice, right?
  93. A dragon’s eggs were stolen from her and momma is terrorizing the countryside in her ire. Many a brave knight has died trying to slay her, but there might be another way; rumor has it an underground auction will be selling “dragon eggs” of the very same color…
  94. A mighty glacier stands in the middle of the desert. Some travelers say they see a face in the ice, frowning, right before the wall starts to weep, though this melt never seems to shrink the ice; if only it did, the desert might become fertile again.
  95. A new tea leaf is sweeping the shops, taking the city by storm. Everybody loves it, apart from a crazy vagrant protesting in the streets. He swears the leafs are “fey creatures,” or “forest sprites,” and that the “we shall call upon the ire of the spirits.” As if!
  96. The Storm Queen’s favorite concubine vanished overnight, leaving her too forlorn for her duties. She can’t manage as much as a sigh, let alone the winds on which sailors depend. Their lovers must share the Queen’s gloom, as the ships stuck at sea can’t return home.
  97. Investigating an unseasonal flood you follow the swollen river upstream, where you come across a bard singing underneath a waterfall. “Heroes, I no longer wish to play,” he sings as you approach, “but this rock giant is forcing me to stay.”
    That’s no waterfall.
  98. The poor old postmaster died in a letterslide and now lies buried underneath a mound of unsend mail. His ghost haunts the abandoned post office, unable to find rest until the last of the mortal letters that slew him have been delivered.
  99. The Hyperbolic Time Prison, where time flows slower, allowing inmates to sit out years-long sentences in mere days, seemed like a good idea… Until the prisoners stopped leaving, as did the guards send to retrieve them. The outer-warden fears a riot.
  100. Firefighting in the City of Mages isn’t just a dangerous job, it’s the prestigious duty of the elite; only the most powerful wizards and the best spellsword are capable of quenching magical fires and sealing the elemental that cause them.
  101. A hole appears. Nobody knows how it got there, how deep it is or what’s at the bottom, or if it even has one. How exciting!
  102. A local park is expanding violently, uprooting whole blocks and reclaiming most of the city. The trees are growing faster than the lumberjacks can cut them down. Is nature finally rising to reclaim lands long lost?
  103. Some say arrows fletched with cockatrice feathers can pierce stone as easily as if it were flesh. Others swear it turns skin to stone instead. One thing is for certain: they fetch a handsome price on the right market.
  104. The Empire is the healthiest place to live in the world, but only because they quarantine their sick in a walled-off city. A nobleman needs your help smuggling his supposedly healthy daughter out. Getting in is easy, but getting out might prove more difficult…
  105. A wizard asks you to retrieve a stolen painting. When you find the thief, they claim the painting is a prison, keeping their child captive; why the wizard would do such a thing the thief cannot say. The wizard insists it’s just very realistic. What do you do?
  106. A wizard’s clones have been getting a little too perfect – they have developed free will and have taken the original captive, demanding equal treatment. The wizard will reward those who sets him free, as the clones would reward whoever can broker some agreement.
  107. Hibernating rock elementals are blocking the mine’s tracks. The dwarves have tried moving them by force, but the lazy lumps are invulnerable and the heaviest of sleepers; not even dynamite wakes them up!
  108. There’s something shiny at the bottom of your health potion; why, it’s a golden ticket! You and your party have just won a tour of Coco Flamel’s mysterious Potion Factory. Her competitors would pay a fortune for her secrets, should you risk snooping around…
  109. ‘Sendroulette,’ a custom Sending spell that connects the caster to a random being on a random plane, is sweeping wizarding schools, but innocent pranks turn to horror when a student contacts a Great Old One, contracting its madness and spreading it across campus…
  110. A gang of merfolk pirates is stealing ships out of harbor, using a giant killer whale to drag vessels down into the deeps where they make their lair among the reefs. Rumor has it they’re gathering an armada, but what use could merfolk have for ships?
  111. A graveyard need to be exhumed to make space for a new crypt, but the locals are having none of it. “We already worked ourselves to death for these nobles,” a skeletal spokesperson argues, “so why do they have to disturb us now that we’re finally getting some rest?”
  112. A seemingly incorporeal voice, claiming to belong to a student of magic turned invisible by some prank, asks you to convince the prankster to undo the curse. You find the supppsed culprit in mourning: He claims his friend just died in a tragic portal accident!
  113. A master locksmith passes away, leaving his one skeleton key locked away inside of his magnum opus: An indestructible safe. Secretive nobles are offering ludicrous rewards to the thief that can crack it, but none could be more lucrative than the key itself…
  114. The mating song of the Froghemoth is said to be of unparalleled beauty, and an upstart composer is determined to put it to sheet music. Problem is: The monsters are extremely aggressive when in heat, and the deadly swamps they live in aren’t exactly hospitable.
  115. You find a Bag of Holding lying unattended on the street. Within you find a single note: “If you want your stuff back, meet me at the docks tonight.”
    What do you do?
  116. Mortal traders of stock are shocked when they discover that a majority of shares are held by dragons, delighted with this novel way to hoard. “Why settle on a heap of gold,” an Ancient Red explains, “when you can amass one of infinite value by investing smartly?”
  117. The child of a famous wizard asks you to find out what happened to their dog. The dog seems the same, but the child insists something is off. When you investigate you learn that the wizard accidentally killed the dog and replaced them with a clone. What do you do? Alternatively: The child is the clone, the original having been destroyed in a freak magic accident. The dog is acting weird because it’s the only one who can tell the perfect clone is different somehow…
  118. A certain church has a bell that needs to be rung regularly to keep the demons out of town. Disturbingly, no one who tolls the bell ever returns. When you investigate, you discover why: The bell has teeth, and an appetite to match! What do you do
  119. You are asked to retrieve a holy statue that was stolen from its temple. When you track the statue down, the thief insist that they were tasked by the depicted deity itself; apparently they got tired of all those prayers and just wanted some peace. What do you do?
  120. After a humiliating defeat, your party regains consciousness under the care of a master healer. They claim to be your biggest fan, and want to hear all about you. Every time you bring up the subject of leaving, they insist you drink more medicine and stay longer…
  121. The clouds had been gathering for days; at first the villagers thought nothing of it, until loud music started playing, sending lighting crashing down to thunderous beats. Sounds like they’re having a blast up there, but somebody needs to tell them to keep it down!
  122. After having been slighted by his Commander, the Army’s greatest warrior sits sulking in his tent, while his comrades perish losing battle after battle. Somebody needs to convince him to pick up the sword again, but what can be said?
  123. Something is happening to the city’s stray dogs. They’ve been getting bigger, meaner, and are banding together in great roving bands, terrorizing the streets. Some say they’ve even begun hunting people! What could have caused these dogs to go bad? What can be done?
  124. The druid warned them that the animals were sacred, but the nobles just had to have their extravagant furs. They were cursed for their greed, taking on the qualities of the beasts whose hides they wore, their savage wereforms properly reflecting their wicked hearts.
  125. You are asked to examine a sudden plague of melancholy afflicting the kingdom’s elite. You quickly discover what all victims have in common: they all had their portraits done by the same artist. The paintings are eerily lifelike, moreso than their listless models…
  126. The local water tower has suddenly run dry, even though it was just refilled; less than a week ago! When you investigate, you find an empty reservoir with a fat wyrm roosting on the bottom. The thirsty snake drank everything, and has claimed the tower as their lair!
  127. A master lenscrafter wants you to deliver a massive shipment to an anonymous buyer. When you arrive at the adres, you are welcomed by a nearsighted beholder, who needs the lenses to properly focus and fire their eye-beams.
    What do you do?
  128. Garments spun from the wool of a Rainbow Sheep are said to have many fabulous magical properties. Sadly, these elusive creatures can only be found grazing above the clouds, where they are kept by their fiercely protective Cloud Giant Shepherds.
  129. A wizard asks you to do their dishes, which they left to ferment in the same sink in which they dump their alchemical waste. A magical fungus now sticks to them, connecting different dishes in crude humanoid forms. They won’t like being scrubbed to death…
  130. A crimson cloud is drifting across the sky, and scores of pilgrims are following it, waiting for the red rain they believe has healing properties. But when the cloud finally bursts, all that comes down is blood.
  131. The local wishing well has been corrupted – it’s giving people the opposite of what they wish for! Descending into its depths you confront the guilty sprite. They explain that they have grown sick of people’s conceits. “I’m giving them what they deserve instead!”
  132. The clergy tends to the plants that grow on the graves of saints, as their herbs have soothing properties. The latest batch, however, have had the opposite effect, turning patients into evil beasts. What wicked demon was mistakingly buried alongside the hallowed?
  133. Long ago a wizard defeated a dragon, and, rather than outright killing them, turned them into a goldfish, humiliating them by keeping them in a bowl. All they need to do to break the curse is to simply leave the bowl for open waters. Perhaps you’d be so kind to…?
  134. A second moon appears in the sky. Now, that in itself would be plenty strange, but what makes it even stranger is that only you seem to be bothered about it. “I don’t understand what you’re so upset about,” people say, “haven’t there always been two moons?”
  135. The High Priest of the Sun has gone rogue. He refuses to say the morning prayers necessary to summon the dawn, instilling a night without end. He is holding the Sun hostage, and will not release them until the ransom “donation” of one million gold is paid, to him.
  136. A mad mage has developed a Darkness spell so powerful that it can permanently blot out the Sun over a small country, and is doing just that; ransoming the dawn. Their outrageous demands? Name the country after them, put their face on the coins and stamps, etc…
  137. Plagued by visions of the end of the world, a wizard has been experimenting with creating life strong enough to survive the coming apocalypse. Problem is: They’ve been a little too successful, and now needs your help escaping an island of monsters of their own make.
    TWIST: The wizard isn’t concerned with escaping the island at all, with the world ending and all. They just want to stress test their creatures against the power of actual, live adventurers.
    TWIST #2: End of the world? Hah! That was just a ruse to rouse sympathy, an excuse the wizard doesn’t truly believe in. They just wanted to create cool monsters, and who can blame them? Now, would you be so kind as to rescue them? The creatures seem to have gotten out of control.
  138. The Guardian of the Feygate badly needs a break, and asks you to cover for them. The Fey can only enter through the gate when invited, and will use all of their magic to trick you. However they might appear and whatever they may promise, you must never let them in!
  139. A lost sea turtle asks you to bring them back to the sea. Its lustrous shell attracts both monstrous predators and poachers alike, so you’ll have to defend the poor tortoise while they make their long trek to the ocean. Hope you brought a cart!
  140. A group of seemingly in-controls lycanthorpes asks your protection from Clerics who wish to destroy them. The Clerics, meanwhile, ask your help in cleansing these misguided people from their curse; a fate the were-folk view as being worse than death. What do you do?
  141. A down-on-their-luck journeyman wizard has been flooding the market with cheap knock-off spell scrolls even peasants can afford. Great when they work, but disastrous when they don’t – as is more often the case. Someone needs to stop this reckless spell peddler!
  142. A local lord’s favorite hunting falcon has gone missing. Encouraged by the hefty bounty, you search the woods, and find the bird has been adopted by a very protective Great Eagle who isn’t letting any of her little chicks leave the nest just yet. What do you do?
  143. During an impossible heat wave one entrepreneur is making mint by selling air conditioners. The innovation? Capturing Ice Sprites and selling the cages as clever engineering. Knowing this, do you join the gig by going out to capture more, or do you put a stop to it?
  144. A small kingdom of two “unified” clans are unable to rule together, preferring instead to decide who gets to be in charge by yearly arena battle. The catch? No citizen may participate: The teams must be outsiders. Last year’s losers are looking for new champions…
  145. A valley wedged between two mountains is littered with giant statues. They have various shapes; about half are marble, while the other half is obsidian. People have often wondered what they could mean, until one of the mountains moved a horse and crushed a village.
  146. A confessor famous for absolving the foulest of sins has a secret: they have been purging themselves of the negative emotions that are the moral hazard of their occupation. Now this darkness has taken form, and is enacting the vengeance the confessor suppressed…
  147. A dragon has been eating all the clouds over a certain valley, preventing it from raining and causing a drought. The only water is provided by mysterious merchants, who conveniently showed up right after the dragon did. They’re never seen at the same time, either.
  148. The city’s pigeons are acting strangely. They’re always starting at you when you don’t seem to notice them, and immediately fly away when you do. They appear to be searching for something, but no-one know what; certainly not food, since they lost interest in that…
  149. Children of Cloud Giants have been roaming the surface world, kidnapping mighty monsters and adventurers alike, imprisoning them in magic balls and only letting them out to pit them against eachother in epic battles. They call them Pocket Monsters.
  150. During you last dungeoncrawl you pressed a switch that didn’t seem to do anything. Returning to the civilised world, you learn that the Warforged have gone crazy, attacking anyone indiscriminately. It seems you may have accidentally triggered a global factory reset.
  151. A new type of Dreamcatcher is working a little too well, siphoning away all the sleeper’s dreams and slowly draining them of all ambition. Those left looking for a purpose in their lives can now buy one from their local crone, with a 100% realizability guarantee.
  152. When the clouds have rained thin the Shepherd takes them down to graze. The cloudwool of these skysheep is coveted by mortals, and the Shepherd guards his charge closely; yet, this year some have vanished from the herd, which could spell a drought next season
  153. You see a strange frog swimming in the castle moat. Upon closer inspection you realize that it’s no frog, but rather a grippli; a prince sent to establish diplomatic relations, thrown out by the guards who mistook him for a monster. Won’t you introduce him?
  154. For days the harbor had been unseasonably cold, but last night it straight up froze shut; Ice Crabs have come to town, bringing with them an early winter. Someone needs to get out there and crack their glacier shells if trade is to resume.
  155. A master jewelsmith who is careful only to sell up their social standing wants you to retrieve a brooch they once sold to a noble who has since fallen from grace. The pauper has the nerve to still wear the brooch in public, tainting the jeweller’s reputation!
  156. Due to a freak magic accident a wizard and their familiar have switched bodies! …or so the talkative raven in the wizard’s tower would have you believe. The wizard in question however denies everything, but that is of course exactly what the familiar would do…
  157. A powerful wizard calling themselves ‘The Collector’ has been capturing and imprisoning Fey creatures around the world. The Faeriefolk cry for the freedom of their fellows, but the peasantry seems pleased. “Finally, no more shenanigans! The woods are safe at last.”
  158. Making your way through the forest you come across eerily lifelike wood carvings of forest creatures: squirrels, badgers, wolves…humans. At the heart of the woods you find the culprit: a genial woodcarver who offers to carve your likeness…for a prize.
  159. Usually the Kingdom’s main roads are kept clear of overgrowth, but recently it has been returning faster than maintenance can remove it; bandits have enlisted druids to grow cover for their ambushes. Why would the peaceful druids be assisting these violent bandits?
  160. Someone is trying to yet again unite the warring Orc clans, but this time feel different. Leading the charge is a Half-Orc who was raised by their human parent, combining the savagery of one heritage with the will to empire of the other. The worst of both worlds.
  161. The witch is willing to aid you in your quest, but she wants three things in return:
    -Something precious to everyone.
    -Something precious to no one.
    -Something precious to only one.
  162. What do you give her, and what could the she want with these things?
    At the end of the rainbow you find not a pot of gold, but a giant quiver of arrows. Suddenly you look at the rainbow in a new light. What could it be aiming at, and what would happen if you were to fire it?
  163. The people of a certain village have a disturbing custom. Whenever someone gets sick, their families or friends hide them, lest They – strange hooded figures in white robes – come to take the sick away, and once they do, they never come back.
    The hooded figures are medical golems created by a long-dead wizard. They take the sick to a lab where they’re kept in statis for the wizard to come cure. The players will have to break in if they want to rescue the villagers, since the golems insist on maintaining quarantine.
  164. An elderly minotaur can no longer find their way through their own labyrinth, and has called for heroes to safely escort them out. They don’t remember where half of the traps are, and hasn’t fed the monsters in weeks. Won’t you be a dear and help them out?
  165. The child of a rich noble is determined to become an adventurer, but the parent is having none of it. They want to hire you to design a mock dungeon so terrible it’ll dissuade the prospective hero of these childish notions once and for all.
  166. A witch’s crystal ball is broken; it only ever shows the worst of all possible futures. The Witch needs you to get in there and convince the divining spirit that the future can’t be all that bad. Will your optimism be able to overcome the spirit’s pessimism
  167. A client offers you a good price for a pristine giant crab claw, so you secure one. You deliver the goods to the posted adres: A beauty salon. Strange. But as you see the patrons, things click. “Thank you!” the client says, “Now I can finally do Mr. Giant’s nails.”
  168. The sun isn’t going down. Nobody, not even the brightest sorcerers and soothsayers, can tell why, until a small child appear at court with the answers. You see, they had such a fun birthday that they wished “that this day would never have to end,” so it just isn’t.
  169. A hitherto unimportant local newspaper has been getting one incredible scoop after another. The only story they’re not reporting on is of a certain Oracle that has gone missing. Can you put two and two together?
  170. A beauty salon promises to give its customers such a thorough makeover that they’ll feel like a whole different person. “And they mean it literally!” a crazy person on the streets insists, “they make a more beautiful clone and dispose of the original!” Yeah right…
  171. A wizard has gotten their portals all mixed up; the labels no longer fit. They need you go to through each portal to assign it its proper label.
    The labels include:The Abyss
    Tomb of Horrors
    Elemental Plane of Fire (or was it Water?)
    Hell.Good luck!
  172. You take a break from adventuring to visit the local aquarium. To your dismay you find they have an actual mermaid on display.
    “You like that fish?” The keeper says. “The kids love her!”
    Meanwhile, the mermaid is banging on the glass, trying to get your attention…
  173. A beauty salon for monsters needs your help. Every creature is its own challenge to beautify, and the salon is always looking for rare and exotic wares to bolster their craft, such as paint that sticks on ghosts, or mirrors that can reflect a gorgon without petrifying the barber.
  174. You were too late – a calamity has befallen the village. While the villain is getting away, innocent people are dying, trapped underneath the rubble. Do you give chase and leave these people to their fate, or do you save whoever you can and let the villain escape?
  175. A terrified young child begs you to help them return a sword they pulled out of a stone. The Lady of the Lake, however, won’t take it back. “Look,” she says, “they pulled it out; clearly, they’re the chosen one.” “But I don’t want to be!” the child retorts. What do you do?
  176. A patient approaches the Cleric and shows them a nasty boil. “Could you please remove this? Ever since I got it, I’ve been hearing voices.” But before the Cleric can do anything, they too hear a voice. “Don’t do it! I’m the only thing keeping this monster in check!”
  177. All Aasimar and their blood relatives are compelled to attend a meeting on a mountaintop. There an Angel reveals to them that it is time to resume the ancient holy war of their ancestors and drive the demons out the land. Problem is: not all gathered are warriors…
  178. In a certain country, nobles get to keep all of their property in death; ancient mummies rule the land, even though it is in practice run by their descendants. This unique system is thrown into chaos when a foreign necromancer come along to take advantage of it…
  179. Ever since the castle acquired a new prize falcon its kitchens have become haunted. Shook cooks report mysterious poltergeistery every night. Could these two seemingly unrelated things be connected? (Yes: The “falcon” is a druid who raids the kitchens every night.)
  180. No one believed Earl when he said the voices inside his head were real, so they put him in an insane asylum. Now the other patients are hearing them, too, as well as the doctors and the guards. They’re all excited to welcome the Great Old One into our world; all except Earl.
    The inmates & staff of the insane asylum believe that Earl is a meat chrysallis. When properly ripened and sacrificed he will bring forth their master into our world. Our heroes must storm the fortified asylum and rescue Earl before he gets sacrificed.
  181. A famous Triton archeologist is scouring the surface world, looking for the fabled long-lost city of Atplantis, which is said to have vanished from the ocean floor eons ago…
  182. The prince really wanted to skate on the castle moat…in the middle of summer. The king had an enchantress dragged to the castle, but she didn’t seem too keen on freezing the moat, but since the king insisted she froze his whole castle with the family still inside.
  183. The Council overseeing the Church during this generation’s reincarnation is unbearably corrupt, prompting some well-meaning monks to tell the Avatar of their true identify before they were ready. Overwhelmed by this sudden responsibility, the child has ran off…
  184. Ever since Fire left, the baths of the Elemental Spa have become unbearably cold. “I don’t know why they’re being so irrational,” Water says, “they’re welcome to return anytime of course.” But Fire refuses. “Not until Water apologizes!” What could have caused this elemental feud?
  185. A frustrated soothsayer has been predicting the end of the world for years, pushing back the date every time they’re proven wrong. This time however they’re determined to get it right; they’ve teamed up with a devil who rigged him a volcano that can erupt on demand.
  186. A concerned parent wants you to look under their child’s bed to see if there’s any monsters hiding there. They’d do it themselves, but they’re a Halfling, while their adopted child is a Storm Giant, so…You know.
  187. For decades a knight has been pursuing a creature known only as ‘The Questing Beast.’ When another hunter happens to slay her, the knight is heartbroken, explaining that he only pursued her for sport. Now the knight has turned to hunt a hunter, to avenge his friend.
  188. Every year, two neighborhoods compete in a game to see who can get the ball through the other’s gate first; the winner gets to rule the town until the next game. The only rule: a ethality is an instant disqualification. Will you help South break North’s win-streak?
  189. A master dessert baker is working on their biggest work yet: A gigantic pudding, to be enjoyed by the newlywed royal couple. However, a Hill Giant infamous for their sweet tooth is on their way, envious of this epic jelly. Will you guard the royal pudding?
  190. Most travelers think the name ‘Spider Bridge’ is just poetic, but the locals know better, and when the threads run thin it is time to pay the builders tribute: A dozen human sacrifices to be delivered to their web. You don’t want that bridge to collapse, do you?
  191. An old piano stands at the center of town, and there’s always someone playing it. Local legend says that the town’s prosperity is in direct correlation to the quality of the music being played. Perhaps your Bard might have a gander at it?
  192. Timothy used to be bullied, but ever since the bullies mysteriously disappeared, everyone has been really nice to him. And they’re bound to keep being nice to him if they don’t want to vanish, too. No more homework or boring chores for Timmy!
  193. Unbeknownst to her father the king, the princess is actually an adventurer who leaves a handmaiden that looks just like her to take her place whenever she’s out. Usually they switch back upon her return, but this time the handmaiden refuses, insisting the princess is an imposter!
  194. Your rowdy post-adventure celebrations are interrupted by a sect of silent warrior-monks, dedicated to keeping the world quiet. They’re here to shut you up – with their fists!
  195. An archeologist needs help excavating a ship. Nothing dangerous – whatever sank it can’t possibly still be down there…right?
  196. Scavengers loot wayside monuments, pawning their heritage for quick coin. Historians and holymen alike would see this stop.
  197. A big lake that was created by an Archmage’s meteor spell still crackles with arcane energy, causing magic to act irratic around it.